Internet Crime Phenomenon

The advancement of virtual world life recently is dramatically increased. So many facilities make us to explore the world. There are so many good things to continue in entertaining life heading to a better world. Nevertheless, causality rule also has role in real life in earth. There is always good things and bad one. We distribute more good messages, so it will distribute worse one.

Internet life is developed from organism known “Bit”. These bits life like a bacteria as usual. All of bacteria are not bad things, even we and animal can life in this earth because of it. The problem is we strive to deal with bad bacteria nowadays. These bacteria also have been competing against good one. When its win this competition, good bacteria will be becoming the bad one. As a result, we meet the destruction. What are we going to do? Expert and policeman in the real world said, “Enforcement of the law!”. After hearing this solution, Mr. Criminilis, the well-known telematique expert in unlawful village in virtual world answered, “How possible against criminals in virtual world otherwise you do not have ability to battle it in real world?”

Yes, internet crime case currently is more increasingly in the world. Telematique experts and law enforcer has been doing seminar and discussion very frequently to solve this problems, meanwhile hackers and crackers create innovation to penetrate personal life constraint continuously. Their principle is absolute freedom; an anarchism spirit in postmodern era. Personal constraint in recognizing individual with password piracy is the main gate to put up with many crimes. Piliang (2004) said that convention and code are only technical things (such as iconic and password agreement), but they are rare ethically. There is no good/bad, true/false, original/fake, useful/usefulness. There are kinds of “nihilism”. In this context, Piliang basically see “zero omnipresent”, any permission for all of behavior. In short, virtual world is a room with many signs, images, and information (Plenum) without ethics.

Ethics may consider discussing in relativity perspective. However, talking criminals, wherever we have been either in real or virtual life, most people said against! Yes, any kinds of following crimes must be fights such as; terrorism, privacy and personal data stealing, commercial transaction deception, money forgery, software piracy, web destruction/hackers, worm and virus attack, digital manipulation in photograph, and so forth.

More advance

From year to year, type of crime in internet actually almost same, only they change the methods technically more increasingly. In the year 2000 we know Trojan malware, used to send with subject “Hello” or “Thank You!” or other subjects.

Last, other malware (a kind of worm) also mutated more complexity such as rinbot & delbot.

Internet crime is not only in deception & staling but also other crimes pornography via digital photo disinterred on the net. This make undesirable effect especially invaded privacy. Another crime is intellectual copyright infringement. Many students do plagiarize some scientific paper articles to make their essay or final paper without put on the original one or the author’s name. Many writers (including the author who wrote seminar paper on cyber crime mitigation) quote the articles on the net without noticing ethics of journalism. Law enforcers and telematique experts also do not aware trapped into intellectual delinquency.

Indonesia was claimed as internet criminal actors nest, especially credit card deception. It has been said that Indonesia put on top ten ranks in Internet crimes in the last decade. Indonesia has placed on 2nd rank after Ukraine and Nigeria.

This Ranking was made by reputable Internet Corporation Research in USA and European countries. Without critical attitude then our experts believe those research’s results even though that was not always true. Usually IT analyst considers crackers’ cracker’s nest work in some big cities in Indonesia such as Semarang, Jogya, Medan, Bandung, Jakarta, Denpasar and Surabaya.

Nevertheless, we should not generalize those findings imply Indonesian. We never observe valid data in the field is that true some Indonesian act these crimes without involving foreigner in Indonesia? Or even was that foreigner’s intention done those crimes because the countries easy to do a kind of job like that?

This logic is important to discuss that we can not be trapped on many subjective attitudes. It has been true that internet crimes will be run in our country every now and then, but it does not mean that we also become “yes-man” to statistic result that was made by developed countries. This attitude will burdened us psychologically instead of it will possible result to decrease our confidence in global business and diplomacy. We can encounter these results with proposing the comparison data like we have lack of the Internet users and lack of Internet skills in indonesia. The author have foreigner friends, who are working in IT, stay in some big cities especially in Bali, Semarang, Jogyakarta. Most Indonesian prior to learn credit card deception from them then crackers develop solidarity with local. Even until nowadays, many foreigners still use this friendship concious with indonesian to commit an Internet crime in virtual world.

Law must speak!

Foreigners and native, who is deceived or stolen or commited to crimes, are obviously infringe law, so mlaw must speak! In this case, the author encourage executives and legislatives make one regulation to strive internet crimes. The problem is, regulation draft never been realized fast and accurately meanwhile crimes strategy is very changeable increase rapidly with advance systems.

(, November 29, 2007)

Siti Nur Aryani

IT Consultant Aufklarung C&P:

Application Provider for Global Market


One thought on “Internet Crime Phenomenon

  1. is spamming included into internet crime?
    or even categorized as a terror?
    because i think it can disturb us…
    please answer…

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