Cyber Crime In Online Company

Internet crimes via email have been demolishing some corporation. Therefore, business must anticipate these criminals as a necessity. If yet, they meet stagnancy in running their business. Everyday it must be crackers (Internet criminal actors) commit a crime in online website destruction.

Kompas (20/11) reported that National Single Windows (NSW), single website in serving export import information, had pulled down by cracker abruptly even though this website is just being initiation. Susiwijoyo, Head of Information Technology Commission NSW, indicated that there are 5300 hits in the first day during try out in spite of online management only provide 3000 hits. Fortunately, management immediately handles with cracker’s assault. However, cracker distracts to attack Jakarta Crisis Centre (JCC) website. Consequently, JCC website dropped and a part of their online devastated.

Source: Blowing_Bubbles_by_AquaSixio

This story actually is not new in the virtual world. Jean, one of author’s friend in French, told about his experience that primarily cracker send offering business mail about export import with prospect guarantee and many benefits. At the first time, He did not suspect for this offering with consideration his believing in corporation memorandum patterns. Then cracker presented corporate owner identity form and Jean filled out this form. Nevertheless, Jean did not check that there was one column needs not to be filled out, that is, private email and password.

In short, Jean did not aware that his doing would be causing all of computers in his company was infected worm virus. As a result, Jean’s e-mail was used by cracker as worn virus sending agent to thousands e- mail.

We download software, tools, and utilities from certain web very frequently meanwhile we do not realize to give our private mail and secret password. We have been trapped by spy ware action. We should have skills to deal with this crime such as we do not give our password and e-mail address to anyone unless our PC would be infected by worm viruses after we open our e-mail.

Another consequence is entering a series of spam into our email then PC becoming spam distribution machine to others network. Hence, since we online through our PC then distribute those spams to others network.

So what is spam’s distributor entering virus to attack websites via email? Obviously, he/she does not to get the benefits directly because there is no indication to conduct crime in credit card deception here. During this time expert barely give comments about these matters. The author indicated that this business actually has been made by anti virus company itself. Worm that entered usually come from old and new software. For instance, worm Rinbot or Delbot could be handle with only anti malware from Symantec security Software Company as well as Beagle worm with only Netsky antimalware.

Two cases aforementioned are experienced. There are still lots of viruses / worm types could be managed with certain antivirus or antimalware. Above it is only little example internet crimes modus with modeling virus and worm viruses. There is so many advanced way to do antimalware maker in commit this crime.

I would like to recap some points. First model, scouting attack, that is, a kind of activity information collection which is conducted by intruder to make an appropriate network system. Secondly, access-attack, it exploit weaknesses in network access system. Thirdly, denial of service attack, it sends so many numbers based on server requests, so this action substantively will make data traffic jam which is causing legal users could not access server.

The research was conducted Mi2g limited, risk management consultant in United States, reported that all of spams in the world has been eliminated productivity 10.4 billion dollar US in October 2003. According to that company, the destruction was caused spam higher than caused virus and worm (8.5 billion dollar US) and the destruction was caused disturbing and interfering hacker 1 billion dollar US (Internet Quotion, I/2004).

The author had reviewed this problem in SWA Sembada Magazine, February, 21 2005 edition. Many world company level decreased their income dramatically because cracker’s crime. The company could not run work actively after network, e-mail, and computer has broken.

Based on the problems aforementioned, Internet network security in “many viruses era” obviously becomes the basic needs for companies. Computer systems security is very important things in company operation, moreover if their all of system had been integrated. However, the obstacles to deal with this problem are the lack of skills. Therefore the alternative solution that relies on to save the system and data is to apply outsourcing system.

Energy limitation could be solved with hiring competent and credible outsource staffs than we have to employ any human resource in our company. However, the most important thing to notice by management is budget planning and accurately technician realization. (, November 29, 2007)

Siti Nur Aryani

IT Consultant Aufklarung C&P:

Application Provider for Global Market



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