Business and Technology Usage Awareness

Economy is the most fundamental activity in human’s life. Economies without “spouse” become virtual field only and nothing interesting. We can see obvious side in Indonesia agriculture world. Every village economy activity runs start from the old times.

Our agriculture without appropriate technology is only poverty phenomena. Perhaps too far we expect development in agriculture, moreover in maritime sector which is needed advance technology. That is still in our dream. Let we see the phenomena in business sector in big cities and their actors in technology involvement.

                In fact, technology has not become reliable enterprise fixing level. It happened in vary of urban enterprise sector. Technology in city business is still limited only in complementing work and information/communication   needs. Only a few kind of business depend on technology and the actors believe internet and telephone as a main pillar for their business.Thomas Malone argued that the development of inexpensive and anywhere information technology will decrease transaction costing terms of market, and reduce supporting to develop leadership hierarchies structure. Joanne Yates also argued that the development of internet is not only as a new communication technology but also as a pioneer newest organization and no hierarchies, that suitable with complexity and well informed-economic demand.

               However, opinions from Malone and Yates above only see success side in applying modern technology in their countries, United States, where there technology really entering in business world and even villages. Unlike in Indonesia, we have to see fact that we just know technology as a tool that we can consume, and it is not as business infrastructure. In fact, Indonesian could run business without technology. If we can buy technology still limited to complement our work even it is just accessories.

Political Campaign Style

We have not aware yet that technology is main field for a business project. National business world is conventional business world, traditional will enter adaptation area with advance technology. Therefore, it is impossible if supporting government national business sector only speaking political campaign or at least only giving incentive for entrepreneurs in applying technology.

Technology for society needs soul and fast understanding, smart and response as well as the technology development itself. Without this principal, people only become consumers from advance technology. That was indicated that middle class level prefer consume advance technology.

However, does the customer enjoy technology for enterprise development? Or is that just a life style? There are so many cases those executives who use technologies are not exactly able to use that facilities their own. Tragically, this is also happened in big companies where they consume advance technology but it could not increase their income.

Many cases indicated that technology expenses becoming burden. Another fact is when we see many government institutions really like spend technology especially computer and internet. Apparently, technology application in these fields has been improving productivity and citizen services.

Fact proved that government productivity from day to day will not increase. Only one or two local has achievement in productivity and service. That is not just because of technology applied, more than leadership style is enforced by local leader. Thus, technology then only becomes consumption which has bought and utilized it by customers. About productivity does not increase is beyond technology.


Without goal

To make technology is not as a tool only or even just ”to control” human’s life hence we realize the relationship between human and technology. Sugiharto (2002) believe that technology could not be seen as an entity separated from human life reality. According to him, technology could be “inside” human body (medical technology, food technology) besides telephone, facsimile, and computer or air conditioner.

Mutual relationship carries up complex reality. The bigger reality also must be seen like science, technology, and culture has mingled in entity integrated. From here objective condition recommends business actor in modern technology era must catch relationship essence. Without ability and clarity to see reality, business movement (whether company or leadership and initiative) will not reach goal.

This is the important we talk into business in globalization and technology rationally. First, business achievement not only need in understanding trading calculation conventionally, but also it must calculate opening market in hyper consumerism era. Second, technology will applied not only for communication and information but also as a main infrastructure to find potential market. Third, technology spending must be realized the ability of application and rational target. Tend of spending only for communication among staffs enough to use cheap cellular. Then we must think is to prepare response marketing to market environment that will be reached. Marketing here is not usual marketing, but also they have educated staffs in using technology and having ability to literate print or electronic mass media.

Fourth, technology especially The Internet and telephone now is a part of global communication. The weakness of Indonesian businessmen is they open market either in export or import. So many potential markets when we are not only mobilize in regional or national scope. Market has so wide potential consumer then technology can provide this tools in low prices. Why do we think still in the narrow perspective? []


Author: Siti Nur Aryani




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