Beda Nafas Hidup Cimenyan – Jakarta

Lima tahun terakhir ini, kebutuhan menyambangi ibukota boleh dibilang kalau perlu-perlu amat. Ketika telekonferensi atau kerja remote tidak cukup greget memuaskan rekan-rekan kerja. Seperti pagi kemarin, sudah tahu kini bukan lagi era booking alat transport dan hotel lewat kehadiran fisik, aku tetap memaksakan diri datang langsung ke Stasiun Bandung untuk membeli tiket kereta di tempat.…Read more »

Family Sociability, a True School For Our Children

Just because of a toilet, I removed one and a half page of my writing scratch. Illusion of explanatory depth is the reason. The theory by the expert was tested to some graduate students of Yale University. They delivered different versions on how a flush toilet works. No one gave a closer to a correct…Read more »

Living life in a game

Accompanying children having Sunday school in rural area of Cimenyan maybe is not different as when we are playing a game. A game with a treasury chest as a resource to reveal the next level. The more further you enter the level the more challenging the game itself. Being in a queue at a bank,…Read more »

Talk Toilets: Bill Gates Vs Odesa Indonesia

“Peace, a word from a Merciful Lord” was faintly heard repeatedly when my steps approaching a small mosque at 07.33 am this morning. Indeed, what was heard is in Arabic version as سَلَامٌ قَوْلًا مِنْ رَبٍّ رَحِيمٍ (Quran Surah Yasin Verse 58, Arabic). In native version, Sundanese, the verse is transliterated as “Salamun ka ahli…Read more »