Internet Crime and Application

Fenomena Kejahatan Internet

Perkembangan kehidupan jagat maya akhir-akhir ini memang semakin dahsyat. Berbagai kemudahan menjelajah dunia terpenuhi. Ada banyak kebaikan untuk melanjutkan tamasya kehidupan ke arah yang lebih baik di sana. Meski demikian, hukum kausalitas juga berlaku sebagaimana dalam kehidupan nyata di bumi. Ada kebaikan, pasti ada keburukan. Sebanyak pesan kebaikan menyebar, sebanyak itu pula keburukan merajalela. Continue reading “Fenomena Kejahatan Internet”

Internet Crime and Application

Cyber Crime In Online Company

Internet crimes via email have been demolishing some corporation. Therefore, business must anticipate these criminals as a necessity. If yet, they meet stagnancy in running their business. Everyday it must be crackers (Internet criminal actors) commit a crime in online website destruction.

Kompas (20/11) reported that National Single Windows (NSW), single website in serving export import information, had pulled down by cracker abruptly even though this website is just being initiation. Susiwijoyo, Head of Information Technology Commission NSW, indicated that there are 5300 hits in the first day during try out in spite of online management only provide 3000 hits. Fortunately, management immediately handles with cracker’s assault. However, cracker distracts to attack Jakarta Crisis Centre (JCC) website. Consequently, JCC website dropped and a part of their online devastated.

Source: Blowing_Bubbles_by_AquaSixio

This story actually is not new in the virtual world. Jean, one of author’s friend in French, told about his experience that primarily cracker send offering business mail about export import with prospect guarantee and many benefits. At the first time, He did not suspect for this offering with consideration his believing in corporation memorandum patterns. Then cracker presented corporate owner identity form and Jean filled out this form. Nevertheless, Jean did not check that there was one column needs not to be filled out, that is, private email and password.

In short, Jean did not aware that his doing would be causing all of computers in his company was infected worm virus. As a result, Jean’s e-mail was used by cracker as worn virus sending agent to thousands e- mail.

We download software, tools, and utilities from certain web very frequently meanwhile we do not realize to give our private mail and secret password. We have been trapped by spy ware action. We should have skills to deal with this crime such as we do not give our password and e-mail address to anyone unless our PC would be infected by worm viruses after we open our e-mail.

Another consequence is entering a series of spam into our email then PC becoming spam distribution machine to others network. Hence, since we online through our PC then distribute those spams to others network.

So what is spam’s distributor entering virus to attack websites via email? Obviously, he/she does not to get the benefits directly because there is no indication to conduct crime in credit card deception here. During this time expert barely give comments about these matters. The author indicated that this business actually has been made by anti virus company itself. Worm that entered usually come from old and new software. For instance, worm Rinbot or Delbot could be handle with only anti malware from Symantec security Software Company as well as Beagle worm with only Netsky antimalware.

Two cases aforementioned are experienced. There are still lots of viruses / worm types could be managed with certain antivirus or antimalware. Above it is only little example internet crimes modus with modeling virus and worm viruses. There is so many advanced way to do antimalware maker in commit this crime.

I would like to recap some points. First model, scouting attack, that is, a kind of activity information collection which is conducted by intruder to make an appropriate network system. Secondly, access-attack, it exploit weaknesses in network access system. Thirdly, denial of service attack, it sends so many numbers based on server requests, so this action substantively will make data traffic jam which is causing legal users could not access server.

The research was conducted Mi2g limited, risk management consultant in United States, reported that all of spams in the world has been eliminated productivity 10.4 billion dollar US in October 2003. According to that company, the destruction was caused spam higher than caused virus and worm (8.5 billion dollar US) and the destruction was caused disturbing and interfering hacker 1 billion dollar US (Internet Quotion, I/2004).

The author had reviewed this problem in SWA Sembada Magazine, February, 21 2005 edition. Many world company level decreased their income dramatically because cracker’s crime. The company could not run work actively after network, e-mail, and computer has broken.

Based on the problems aforementioned, Internet network security in “many viruses era” obviously becomes the basic needs for companies. Computer systems security is very important things in company operation, moreover if their all of system had been integrated. However, the obstacles to deal with this problem are the lack of skills. Therefore the alternative solution that relies on to save the system and data is to apply outsourcing system.

Energy limitation could be solved with hiring competent and credible outsource staffs than we have to employ any human resource in our company. However, the most important thing to notice by management is budget planning and accurately technician realization. (, November 29, 2007)

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Internet Crime and Application

Internet Crimes Viruses

There are many crimes on the internet such as; data stealing, fraud, carding illegal, identity stealing (phising), kidding, web-spoofing/deface, software piracy, SQL injection, and the attack of worm, virus, Trojan horse etc.

Most of dangers are starting from the Malware accessing. This software destroyer can be formed of worm, virus, spy-ware, probably Adware. Particularly Adware can be classified into Malware group or does not depend on who accesses it. Adware on the internet is felt uncomfortable by several users but for the others users’ opinion it is a kind of normal advertising. Adware comes pop-up on our screen when we use/access a certain site/blog-spot.

Source: cherry blossoms

The recent news said, that Federal Tread Commission (FTC) in USA helped Adware company to get the business license or it can be erased from the kind of business. But on the same occasion this commission has not resolved yet to avoid the cyber crime in the internet. The crime menacing on the internet based on the experts’ opinion such as Symantec and McAfee. The crime menacing will develop quickly especially for the popular of system operation and application. As we know, the worm and virus is easer infiltrate the weak of system space. Symantec stated that the Vista system operation had 16-19 weak of vulnerable systems.

This amount is not surprise. At beginning of 2003, the writer got 15 weak of system spaces on Window Server 2003 of Enterprise Edition. This case happened when the Worm MSN-last infiltrated the system operation that had not been patched yet. One of the patch is remote-code execution where the writer’s system operation is accessed remotely from the special server of Indosat.

In general, this system spaces can cause the data streaming on real time at Stock Screening from the BEJ to Computer Server but the computer stopped for three days. It is not only famous system operation such as Windows that became a target of worm maker. At the same year, the writer also found the problems such as the IBM Z/OS and Red-Hat Linux 9 system operation is detected that has 70-72 weak of security holes.

In case this shows that the worm virus maker does not discriminate the special product of open source or property. The author has been experience, beside of system operation, the MS-SQL, Out Look etc. also become their target. The destruction of our application system is caused by an un-updating MS-SQL that has the weak of system spaces. In the end, the writer can avoid the virus’ attack after he has patched on the operation system, application of data basis while up dates the anti virus software and anti- malware.

The magazine of Information Week wrote after system operation was game on-line sites. This attack was proven by the Cracker that always regard with money matter including the Hacker. Especially in 2007, the bigger walware attack at USA was dominated by Worm Strom. Although USA in this case was only an example, internet was not limited access of zone and time. The worm Botnet was also enough effective to attack the Asia including Indonesia. Not less of opinion, if the Strom virus was created by European (out of Russian) who did not like American where the maker of the virus was identified know the American’s culture.


Political Cyber Crime

The crime attack regards with the district political and nation economic also happened between China and America. On 19 November, Information Week as the weekly magazine wrote that the United State-China Economic and Security Review Commission said that China was observing to get the economization of time and money of research and developing the sophisticated technology that had been being developed.

Espionage where done by the Chinese is one of higher menacing for American’s technology. Besides, this commission also stated that his attention to China’s military capability on destroying the satellite to attack cyber to against American’s computer net-working and Security Cyber System.

This organized attack has been spread since 2005. As defense, this report suggested a funding that supported export control, especially to identify and avoid transfer of technology illegally to China. Besides, Cyber war between America and China, is also Malaysia-Indonesia. Recently we witnessed the war between Indonesian and Malaysian. But this war was only indignity on forum, blog and web-spoofing.

The Worm Strom; in the single form, this worm had been tested develop progressively. Network World, Inc., is a research company and technology media and also one of IDG division wrote that the Storm is the most productive worm. In one time, a PC visited the infected web-site then down loaded it, this PC would be infected by viruses. Thus, PC would be controlled automatically by the foreign user without the owner’s consciousness. In the same time, this PC would make a Bonet that could be used for sending the spam, attacking distributed DOS (Denial-of-service), or a mother site web would down load many malware again.

As we know, Bonet is a maker of Zombie networking. This was admitted by Adi Maulana, he is an expert of net working and security in the private company, Jakarta. Regarding on his experience, he suggested that the company needed to have the technician of Technology Information to keep on guard the worm virus that would attack the accompany system.

This worm is usually infiltrates the network and running system on sending the order, as the result, the empty network traffic becomes full. This case will make the company network of branch will be cut.

Ability of this worm virus in influencing the system is caused by its modern coding technique where it can suspect the hidden canal. The suspect way of this virus is different from the traditional virus or worm which can erase the certain data or file. Where this Strom virus installs its self on the FC through the spam (which is not brought by the massage or e-mail) but this virus infiltrates the system through users access the Malwar’s infected sites.

Ten Threatens

According to Anti-Virus Symantec Company, there are ten threatens dangerous. Firstly is a data stealing. Second is Vista operation system attack. Third is a spam that has developed progressively in middle-year of 2007. Fourth is a virus attacks the site of transaction online. Fifth is an identity stealing (phishing). Sixth is exploiting the famous brand. Seventh is a Bot. Eighth is the weak of system spaces web. Ninth the weak of security system such as: security maker, WabiSabiLabi as the informer who always convinces the buyer to get the information of the weakness of security system. Tenth is the Virtual machine security. This menace web-based will be priority used by the users because they use the same way and respond a script, such as: Java Script. Thus, creating the Malware will depend on the users as the example is SANS (Sys Admin, Audit, Network, Security) institute. Regarding on statement of an organization of research and education in USA said that there were hundred of domains in internet (approximately 40 thousand pages) had been taken over by a site maker The way of this mass deface is where the site maker injected the script-tag for 40 thousand pages web of domains. The script-tag or order-line is one of the XSS code (crossing-site scripting) which has the correlation between files of Java Script on a certain web.

The crime menace above can not be avoided only with the arrester product and a court. More complex and smartest of virus’s attack on the system is more needed the hard combination between security and management system. Why do not company clarify what really happen to the public?, if the crime victim of this virus attack them, they argued that this regarding to credibility problem. (, November 29, 2007)

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Internet Crime and Application

Internet Crime Phenomenon

The advancement of virtual world life recently is dramatically increased. So many facilities make us to explore the world. There are so many good things to continue in entertaining life heading to a better world. Nevertheless, causality rule also has role in real life in earth. There is always good things and bad one. We distribute more good messages, so it will distribute worse one. Continue reading “Internet Crime Phenomenon”

Internet Crime and Application

“Cyber Crime” di Perusahaan “Online”

Kejahatan internet sebagian melalui e-mail, sebagian langsung merusak situs online milik perusahaan. Kesigapan dan kecerdasan mengantisipasi menjadi sebuah kebutuhan. Jika tidak, perusahaan akan stagnan. Tak susah mencari kasus perusakan situs online oleh ulah tangan cracker (penjahat internet). Setiap hari selalu ada kasus. Continue reading ““Cyber Crime” di Perusahaan “Online””

Digital & Business Management, Internet Business and Marketing

Bisnis dan Kesadaran Pemanfaatan Teknologi

Ekonomi adalah bidang kehidupan paling fundamental dari kehidupan umat manusia. Hanya saja ekonomi tanpa “penyanding” hanya akan jadi bidang yang semu, tak menarik perhatian. Kita bisa melihat sisi yang jelas dalam dunia pertanian Indonesia. Di setiap kampung kegiatan ekonomi tani berjalan sejak jaman baheula. Tapi wajah pertanian tanpa sandingan teknologi tepat guna niscaya hanyalah fenomena kemiskinan dan keterpurukan yang kita saksikan. Barangkali terlalu jauh kita berharap jika sektor pertanian, apalagi sektor maritim akan segera maju berkat teknologi mutakhir. Itu semua masih dalam impian.

Mari kita lihat fenomena sektor bisnis yang berada di kota besar dan para aktornya juga mengenal teknologi. Faktanya, secara umum yang terjadi, teknologi belum bisa menjadi andalan peningkatan taraf perbaikan usaha. Itu terjadi di berbagai sektor usaha perkotaan. Teknologi di kalangan bisnis kota masih sebatas berfungsi sekedar pelengkap kerja dan bantuan komunikasi/informasi. Hanya satu dua jenis bisnis yang benar-benar bergantung dan pelakunya mempercayai internet dan telepon sebagai pilar utama kelangsungan bisnis.

Benar kata Thomas Malone bahwa dengan berkembangnya teknologi informasi yang murah dan tersedia di mana-mana akan menurunkan biaya transaksi dalam hubungan pasar, berkuranglah dorongan untuk mengembangkan susunan kepemimpinan yang hirarkis. Benar kata pengamat teknologi Joanne Yates bahwa perkembangan internet tidak hanya sebagai teknologi komunikasi baru, melainkan juga sebagai pelopor bentuk organisasi yang sama sekali baru dan tidak hirarki, yang sesuai dengan tuntutan perekonomian yang kompleks dan padat informasi.

Namun pendapat dua pengamat teknologi di atas baru melihat sisi kesuksesan penerapan teknologi modern di negaranya sendiri, yakni Amerika Serikat yang nota bene transformasi teknologi benar-benar sudah masuk ke sendi-sendi bisnis masyarakat bahkan sampai ke petani desa. Masalah di Indonesia tentu lain. Di sini harus melihat fakta objektif bahwa kita memang baru mengenal teknologi sebagai perangkat yang layak dikonsumsi, bukan sebagai infrastuktur yang menjadi kebutuhan untuk kelangsungan bisnis. Nuansa ini bisa dirasakan dari fakta bahwa orang Indonesia bisa menjalankan bisnis tanpa teknologi. Kalaupun bisa beli teknologi masih sebatas untuk pelengkap kerja. Bahkan tak jarang yang hanya untuk asesoris belaka.

Gaya Kampanye Politik

Kita belum menjiwai benar bahwa teknologi adalah lahan utama untuk sebuah proyek bisnis. Dunia bisnis nasional adalah dunia bisnis konvensional, tradisional yang baru akan masuk ke wilayah adaptasi dengan kemutakhiran teknologi. Karena itu, sangat mustahil jika untuk mendorong sektor bisnis nasional pemerintah hanya banyak bicara gaya kampanye politik, atau paling jauh hanya memberikan insentif bagi pelaku usaha untuk menerapkan teknologi. Adaptasi teknologi bagi masyarakat memerlukan penjiwaan dan pemahaman yang cepat, cerdas dan tanggap sebagaimana gerak cepat perkembangan teknologi itu sendiri. Tanpa prinsip ini, niscaya masyarakat hanya menjadi konsumen dari perkembangan cepat nan hebat dari teknologi. Fakta di lapangan menunjukkan kelas menengah kita doyan mengonsumsi teknologi mutakhir. Tapi apakah mereka para konsumen itu benar-benar menikmati teknologi untuk sebuah perkembangan usaha? Atau justru sekadar bergaya? Ada banyak kasus bahwa para eksekutif yang memakai perangkat canggih itu tidak sepenuhnya mampu menggunakan fasilitas yang mereka miliki. Tragisnya ini juga terjadi di perusahaan-perusahan besar di mana mereka mengonsumsi perangkat canggih teknologi namun tidak meningkatkan penghasilan. Bahkan banyak kasus menunjukkan belanja teknologi justru menjadi beban. Fakta lain nampaknya memperkuat hal ini ketika kita menyaksikan berbagai instansi pemerintah, termasuk pemerintah daerah gemar belanja teknologi, terutama komputer dan internet. Target penerapan teknologi memang jelas, yakni meningkatkan kinerja dan pelayanan masyarakat. Tapi fakta membuktikan kinerja pemerintahan dari hari ke hari tidak meningkat. Hanya satu dua daerah yang berpretasi dalam kinerja dan pelayanan. Itupun bukan karena penerapan teknologi, melainkan lebih pada kebajikan kepemimpinan yang diterapkan kepala daerah. Dus, teknologi kemudian hanya menjadi barang konsumsi yang setelah puas dibeli lalu dimanfaatkan sesuka mereka. Soal kinerja tidak meningkat menjadi urusan di luar teknologi.

Tanpa Arah Tujuan
Agar teknologi bukan sekadar alat, atau bahkan “memperalat” kehidupan manusia seyogianya kita menyadari hubungan antara manusia dengan teknologi itu sendiri. Menarik adalah pendapat Bambang Sugiharto (2002) yang meyakini bahwa memang teknologi tidak bisa dilihat sebagai entitas yang terpisah dari realitas hidup manusia. Menurut Bambang, teknologi bisa ada “di dalam” tubuh manusia, (teknologi medis, teknologi pangan), “di samping” (telepon, faks, komupter, “di luar” (satelit), menjadi tempat tinggal (ruangan ber-AC). Relasi mutual ini tentu membawa realitas yang kompleks. Kenyataan lebih besar juga harus kita lihat secara jeli: sains, teknologi dan kultur telah bercampur aduk dalam kesatuan entitas. Dari sinilah kemudian kondisi objektif ini merekomendasikan pelaku bisnis di era teknologi modern harus mampu menangkap esensi hubungan. Tanpa kemampuan dan kejernihan melihat realitas itu niscaya gerak bisnis, baik gerak perusahaan maupun gerak kepemimpinan dan inisiatif tidak akan mencapai sasaran. Paling-paling berjalan tanpa arah tujuan.

Di sinilah pentingnya kita bicara rasional dalam berbinis di era globalisasi dan teknologi. Pertama, pencapaian bisnis tidak sekadar butuh pemahaman hitungan dagang secara konvensional, melainkan juga harus menghitung target pembukaan pasar baru di hutan belantara era hyper konsumerisme. Kedua, teknologi diterapkan bukan sekadar untuk komunikasi dan informasi, melainkan sebagai infrastruktur utama untuk mencari peluang pasar baru. Ketiga, belanja teknologi mesti harus menyadari kemampuan penerapan dan target-target rasional. Kecenderungan belanja sekadar untuk komunikasi sesama karyawan cukuplah dengan perangkat seluler murah. Selanjutnya yang harus dipikirkan adalah mempersiapkan marketing yang tanggap terhadap situasi pasar yang hendak dicapai. Marketing di sini bukan sekadar marketing biasa, melainkan mereka yang benar-benar terdidik dalam memanfaatkan teknologi dan melek perkembangan media massa baik cetak, online maupun televisi.

Keempat, teknologi, terutama internet dan telepon sekarang sudah menjadi bagian komunikasi global. Kelemahan kaum bisnis di Indonesia adalah tidak melebarkan sayap pembukaan pasar baik ekspor-impor maupun layanan jasa ke mancanegara. Padahal banyak pasar yang potensial ketika kita tidak sekadar bergerak di lingkup regional maupun nasional. Pasar begitu luas. Teknologi mampu menyediakan hal itu secara murah. Kenapa pikiran kita masih sempit?

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Perbankan dan Proyek Alih Daya TI

Di era globalisasi sekarang ini, mobilitas, teknologi jaringan mutakhir, dan integrasi aplikasi teknologi informasi (TI) di seluruh unit kerja, telah menjadi kebutuhan industri perbankan. Lihat saja, dalam hal teknologi jaringan, pemilik bank sudah tidak ragu lagi menerapkan sistem jaringan nirkabel. Penerapan ini diyakini sebagai salah satu tindakan penting untuk meningkatkan efisiensi kerja internal dan pelayanan kepada nasabah. Continue reading “Perbankan dan Proyek Alih Daya TI”